Hi! I’m Vickie Gray, potter at Old Barn Pottery (link to location map). 

I've been a potter and musician for many years but realized I should combine the two when I was playing my cello at Celtic music sessions at a craft brewery in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. As we sat around the table, the glasses accumulated, and it was hard to tell whose glass belonged to whom! 

I decided to make mugs, beer barons, wine goblets and shot sippers with instrument names stamped in them so each player would know which one was theirs. The musicians I know want them for their late night jams, pub sessions, and kitchen parties. Their families and friends want to give them as gifts. (I also make stoneware for non-musicians as the whim strikes me, or when I'm asked to create custom pieces.)

Each piece is unique, just like each musician. And while the theme is Celtic music, any musician will love having a reminder of how much music matters to them made by a musician like them.

I am lucky to have the support and help of my amazing sweetheart, Paul. He handles things like our website, shipping packages, etc. so I can focus on making pots. We live on a small heritage farm just 10 minutes outside Lunenburg, a UNESCO world heritage site, in Nova Scotia, Canada. The pottery is in our old barn, and when I leave the door open, our greyhounds or chickens sometimes wander in to see what I’m up to. While I make your mugs and beer barons, I always have music playing!

I’m really happy to be able to honour music and musicians with my work. And I hope you’ll let me share my love of music and pottery with you and those you love!